Pioneering the Pelvic Floor Dr. Kegel and the Quest for Sexual Satisfaction


Dr. Arnold Kegel, a practicing gynaecologist in the early 20th century, was the first medical professional spot a correlation between weakened pelvic floor muscles and childbirth.

Dr. Kegel appreciated how upsetting the weakened muscle could be, as they caused bladder control issues, vaginal prolapses, and sexual dissatisfaction. His first efforts to solve these issues resulted in the invention of the Kegel perineometer.

A perineometer is not too different from the old biofeedback trainers on the market today. His very first version used a probe in the vagina to measure how much force the pelvic floor could exert, showing the results on a dial. If a woman could squeeze above a certain number on the dial, they were unlikely to suffer from incontinence.

Dr. Kegel went on to revolutionise the whole practice of gynaecology, producing an 18-year long study on the pelvic floor muscles. His research concluded with a major finding: pelvic floor exercise is integral to female health! By 1950, 93% of Dr. Kegel’s patients were cured of their bladder control issues or other ailment caused by muscle weakness.

However, another big finding was the difficult nature of pelvic floor exercise. Many women weren’t making the most of their Kegels, squeezing the wrong muscles or not squeezing effectively. Loss of enthusiasm was rife: “Unless given an opportunity to repeat their efforts under visual control, thereby noting any progress they may make, patients are apt to become discouraged.”

The Kegel Angel aims to solve the problem of confusing and time-consuming Kegel exercises, making them easy and effective. Placed in the vagina, the Kegel Angel sends a gentle pulse to exactly the right muscles, so they tense, relax, and strengthen. It simulates a perfect Kegel every time. You can use the Kegel Angel discreetly and comfortably any time during your day, whether you’re catching up on paperwork, calling a friend, feeding the baby, or flicking through channels.

We’re so excited to be improving on Dr. Kegel’s work! Try out the Kegel Angel today to see improvement in your bladder control and sex life in just a few weeks.

The Angel is ideal for speedy recovery from childbirth or to strengthen your muscles as you age. However, every woman is different, so we advise double-checking with your doctor or physiotherapist if you’re concerned about your specific needs.

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Please note that advice offered by Kegel Angel may not be relevant to your individual case. For specific concerns regarding your health, always consult your physician or other licensed medical practitioners.

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