Exercise Without Embarrassment: No More Leaks


Around one in three women who work out say they’ve had an ‘oops’ moment. And of these women, up to 30% change the way they exercise to avoid bladder leaks, or stop exercising at all! We hate to hear this — exercise is a great way to keep fit, healthy, and happy.

Stress incontinence is the likely culprit for leaks during sport. Jumping, running, or lifting can all place excess pressure on your lower half, so most impact sports will put stress on your bladder and urethra. If your pelvic floor isn’t firm, pee can leak out.

Keeping this kind of bladder weakness in mind, we’ve put together a few tips to help you stay on track at the gym.

  1. Kegels — the real essentials.

The most important and doctor-recommended treatment for weak bladder are Kegel exercises. Kegels work the pelvic floor, giving you better control, stronger sensation in your vagina, and a strong core.

If you don’t have time for a demanding Kegel schedule (most doctors recommend a five-minute session between three and ten times per day), the Kegel Angel can help. Using a gentle pulse, the Kegel Angel stimulates the pelvic floor muscles to expand, contract, and strengthen, putting an end to your bladder control woes. The Angel offers specific workouts for stress incontinence, working the muscles in exactly the right way for 100% of the workout.

  1. Find the ladies’.

Even if you don’t feel like going, have a seat and make sure your bladder is fully emptied. Don’t be afraid to pause your workout to take another trip, as sometimes a weak pelvic floor can make it hard to know when you need to go. We also recommend ‘double voiding’: pee until you think you’re done, stand up and count to ten, then sit and try again. Try it!

  1. Dial back the workout.

Whilst you’re on your Kegel workout plan, there is no harm in taking a break from high impact and trying something a little softer on the abdomen. There are several low-impact sports that still burn up calories. Try swimming, yoga, pilates, or gentle cycling, which will all offer a smoother exercise experience. Just don’t quit altogether!

  1. Cut the junk.

Women with a higher body fat percentage tend to put more pressure on the pelvic floor, so are more likely to experience leaks during sport. Don’t give up, ladies! As you lose weight, your bladder control will increase, so keeping up with your goals and exercise plan is key. Try cutting high-sugar foods from your diet to aid your weight loss and improve your Kegel exercises.

The Angel is ideal for erasing bladder leaks and strengthening your pelvic muscles. However, every woman is different, so we advise double-checking with your doctor or physiotherapist if you’re concerned about your specific needs.

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Please note that advice offered by Kegel Angel may not be relevant to your individual case. For specific concerns regarding your health, always consult your physician or other licensed medical practitioners.

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