How Kegel Angel Works

A short daily session effortlessly restores your pelvic floor strength.

  ( Click here to download the manual in English, French, German and Spanish )

A small probe is placed just a few centimetres into the vagina. The probe sends gentle impulses to the correct pelvic floor muscles. This precise stimulation causes them to contract and get stronger quickly.  The intensity and strength is controlled by a digital device you can hold in your hand. You can choose between a variety of pre-programmed sessions to resolve various intimate issues.

Created and recommended by Doctors, the Kegel Angel is safe and simple to use. It does all the work for you so you can use it while you watch TV, chat on the phone or just relax.
Kegel Angel allows you to enjoy the benefits of a stronger pelvic muscles such as:

• Better Bladder Control
• Enhanced Sensual Sensation
• Stronger Core and Stomach Muscles